MARIOTTI - ماریو تی

تولید کننده ابزارهای دندان از سال 1973

شرکت MARIOTTI & C در سال 1973 در Forlì - ایتالیا به عنوان یک شرکت متخصص در برنامه ریزی مکانیکی و ساخت و ساز تاسیس شد. تجربه به دست آمده از مهارت های مختلف در بخش های مکانیکی و الکترونیکی در داخل شرکت گرد هم امده.

ادامه توضیحات:

The first production for the dental sector was begun in the 70’s with the micromotors for laboratory. The continual research, in this sector, leds to manufacture milling-machines and brushless micromotors, which were well received by the international professionals, thanks to the great reliability.

Today the company's production is based on the design and manufacture of electro-medical devices for the dental sector: implantology-surgery motors and piezoelectric surgery units capable of meeting all the specific requirements of performance, robustness and ease of use. Moreover Mariotti manufactures a wide range of top quality micromotors for nails/cosmetic and podiatry sectors.

The high quality and technology of the MARIOTTI products offer extreme reliability and high performance under all particular working situations. The factory and the equipment are in conformity with the current international standards and ISO/CE certifications.